As Brokers, the goal is to consistently show clients that by working with you, they can get better pricing and strategies as opposed to directly sourcing pricing. Brokers enjoy the benefits of our software because the hybrid auction strategy employed through our software successfully compresses supplier margins and sources competitive pricing. Our analytics portal provides Brokers an opportunity to provide insight and data reporting similar to large companies and Suppliers.

Hybrid Auction Approach

Transparent Energy’s Two-Tiered Auction Platform was
designed to maximize competition, minimize ESCO margins, and provide transparency to all parties. The first tier, a blind round, was designed to combat the margins that some suppliers would inflate prior to entering the auction. We only choose a finite number of suppliers to make it through the first tier, forcing suppliers to come with their pencils sharpened for the first round. If the supplier was to irresponsibly inflate their margins prior to that blind round, they risk getting screened from the second tier of the auction. As a result, when the second, live round of the auction begins, price bids are accepted only for 15 minutes. This 15-minute window is when ESCO’s tend to reduce their margins in an attempt to capture your business. As a result, when the auction is complete, you can be confident that you are presenting the best possible price to your client.

Data Expertise

A better price is not the only way to offer value to your customers. Finding unique strategies and opportunities can be difficult for many brokers without the availability of BIG data. However, using Transparent Electric’s EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capabilities, we can offer a more granular look into clients, down to the meter. These insights will help differentiate you from other brokers and provide a better consultative service to clients.