Transparent Electric provides Engineers a unique insight into energy data. Key to this insight is the ability to get first hand property data, without any immediate capital improvements. Advanced building analytics systems are costly and require installation or integration, but our systems provide the same level of sophisticated reporting with little to no cost. Is energy usage higher year-over-year? How did the recent weather event affect each locations’ consumption pattern? Have the new installations made our building more efficient? Use Transparent Electric to answer all these questions and more.

Per Facility Data Representations

For most properties, Energy is one of the largest expenses on an annual basis. Understanding when and why your property uses more energy gives you the opportunity to proactively manage your property and reduce expenses. With our system in hand, you can begin prioritizing next level building goals, like reducing peak monthly demand by 10% or increasing the building load factor to +75%.

Streamlined Budgeting

Many engineers are responsible for producing budget projections for utilities every year. In years past, the easiest way to accomplish this goal was pulling years’ worth of old bills to project usage, and investigating tariff changes to project increases/decreases in rates. Transparent Energy recognizes that our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capability can generate that data for you. With our expertise, we can project next year’s utility budget within a 95% confidence interval. By streamlining this process, this will not only save time, but also give you the confidence that your projections are useful, without filtering through old utility bills.