• Energy Procurement & Risk Management
  • Data & Contract Management

Energy Procurement & Risk Management

Utilizing an industry-leading proprietary auction software, TE’s process engenders the highest levels of transparency – and therefore, competition and savings – that can be achieved in the procurement of third-party energy supply contracts. However, the auction is by no means the first or last step in our handling of clients’ energy needs.

TE takes a holistic approach to managing risk in the procurement of third party energy for our clients. Because we have the same Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities as third party energy suppliers, Transparent Energy performs advanced metric analyses on every possible combination of accounts within a client’s portfolio. This technology allows us to view historical utility trends, model various energy products, and project changes in utility tariffs and even facility consumption.

After reviewing all data at hand and determining institutional risk tolerance, TE executes the most effective strategies that fit client needs and protocols, including compliance with LEED directives, Federal emissions reporting standards, and other sustainability initiatives.

Our procurement process begins as soon as client accounts are onboarded into our management platform. The system will obtain historical consumption profiles directly from the host utility via our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Once the data is independently verified through the exchange, we disseminate the hourly and monthly consumption patterns to suppliers, who bid in real time on analogous products (term, strategy, hedge, conditions, etc). This data includes analyzing maintenance periods, dramatic weather patterns, as well as demand (KW) and kWh relationships.

Data & Contract Management

Similar to our procurement processes, Transparent Energy’s management capabilities are augmented by proprietary software modules, which are unique to the industry and enabled with real-time data scraped directly from the local distribution company. These modules provide clients with:

  • Performance Analyses – instantaneous review of the portfolio’s historic, current, and projected consumption, budget, and savings data.
  • Bill Simulator – capacity to re-create past, current, and projected utility invoices.
  • Market Analysis – access to historic and current conditions of the open market.
  • Discrete Pricing Matrix – instantaneous pricing forecasts specific to client accounts, market conditions and client procurement strategy.

Legal Review

We have an in house legal team consisting of experts in negotiating energy commodity contracts and language. Their role is to ensure that contracts and third party suppliers we work with are completely scrutinized and meet our clients’ standards.