Our Software

Transparent uses a unique, proprietary software that allows multiple energy suppliers to bid in real time on an open, online auction platform. This approach ensures that you, the client, get the most transparent, analogous, and competitive rates.

How our Reverse Auction works:

In traditional RFP format, suppliers are given one opportunity to submit a bid; however:

  • The Reverse Auction process begins with an initial RFP bidding format
  • Once bids are received, the Auction is initiated
  • Suppliers are able to see all the competing bids

Save More

The ability to pit suppliers against each other in real-time bidding translates into additional savings over the standard RFP sealed bid process.

Customize to Your Needs

Transparent Energy can design customer-specific auction formats outside the standard Reverse Auction platform to suit your needs.

Transparent Energy’s proprietary energy information portal communicates with utility companies to provide real-time data, facilitating TE’s unique capabilities in the following respects:

  • Data management and reporting
  • Utility tariff/energy cost tracking
  • Ongoing and historical contract performance measures
  • Product discovery analysis & discrete benchmark price reporting specific to client’s accounts