Property & Asset Managers

Transparent Electric Software gives Property & Asset Managers an inside view of a facility’s energy profile and spend. Energy can evolve into a large headache for Property managers quickly, as large budget allocation, sustainability requirements, and vendor solicitations consume a lot of time and resources. Using TE’s software, you can monitor and manage your properties from our central hub, providing insights and opportunities for projects and investments. This allows you to articulate your value to ownership and differentiate yourself in the crowded property management field.

Decision Day Valuation

Did you sign a good contract back in June? Your broker probably told you that you were getting a good deal, but how could you really know? Energy Prices are specific to your building, which means the generic energy price chart does not actually reflect the real price you pay. Using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) from your local utility, we calculate the Fair Market Value (FMV) of an energy contract for your building on any particular day. Then, we plot the FMV on a timeline so you can spot trends, just as you would with a stock chart, offering the ability to independently verify your that your previous rate was a fair rate on that day.

Quantifiable Impacts

In most cases, a smart energy purchase decision is largely unquantifiable, and a bad energy purchase can result in significantly higher budgets and in many cases a change in management. However, using Transparent Electric, we can display dollars saved (or lost) throughout your energy contract. This allows managers to see points of strength and weakness and communicate this information effectively and efficiently with management. Our system will support you in making intelligent purchasing decisions and avoiding common and costly contracting mistakes.

Increased Participation & Results

The number of suppliers you engage is heavily correlated with the competitiveness of rates. By running live auctions, with 20+ suppliers openly competing for your business, we have formulated a strategy to gather bids efficiently and achieve the best possible price. Transparent Energy’s Live Auctions last for ~15 minutes, during which all prices are made public and suppliers are given the opportunity to reduce their own margins to offer you the most attractive price or contract language. As a result, when speaking to ownership, you have 100% buyer’s confidence in competitiveness of the purchase price on that decision day.