Property Owner

Transparent Electric software is ideal for Property Owners because it communicates building performance in dollar terms. Using our tools, you can benchmark, monitor, and manage your properties from our central hub. Our Analytics feature will help you understand which properties in your portfolio are leaders and which are laggards. Manage your portfolio proactively and have insights into how future energy markets can affect your total expenses.

Opportunity Cost Evaluation

Understanding opportunity cost is crucial to evaluating your energy contract’s benefits. Energy contract’s opportunity cost is the rate your utility would have charged you had you never engaged with a third-party energy supplier. By utilizing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), we can tell you in dollar terms, how much money you saved in comparison what the utility would have charged you.

Verifiable Metrics

Proactive property owners understand how their property is performing on utilities in the ever-changing energy landscape. Using TE’s Year-Over-Year usage tool, we can independently verify usage patterns over a given period of time. Use this tool to audit the reduction claims of vendors and specialists to make sure you are earning the most bang for your buck when it comes to energy investments.