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Partnering with Transparent Energy

Building Engineers and Consultants

Two people making corrections to a blueprint on a desk. A couple of engineering helmets sit on top of the desk in the back.
A man and a woman checking the progress of a building project in a tablet, next to some monitors showing CAD drawings

In partnership with Transparent Energy, building engineers and consultants can offer advanced energy procurement, energy efficiency, and renewable energy services to their members, helping them reduce energy costs, risk and carbon footprints, while advancing sustainability initiatives.

With Transparent Energy, professionals in the construction and building consulting industries can harness the power of our innovative platform and proven process to secure substantial energy savings for their clients. This partnership not only streamlines the energy procurement process but also empowers builders to contribute to a more sustainable planet by procuring green energy that reduces energy consumption and minimizes facilities’ environmental impact.

Teaming up with Transparent Energy facilitates a win-win scenario, where engineers and consultants can deliver enhanced outcomes to their clients while fostering their own business growth in an increasingly competitive market.