As Sustainability is becoming an increasing important feature for all business features, it is important to seek a consulting firm that can provide support on several different levels.

Renewable Energy instruments

Our auction process works just as well for the procurement of Renewable Energy Credits and other instruments to meet energy standards & requirements. We have procured RECs for a variety of our institutional, commercial and industrial clients.

We can offer standalone RECs to cover any portion of a client’s load obligation procured through one of several renewable trading desks or can we procure as a bundled component of a retail supply agreement. These typically are used to offset Scope 2 emissions under the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG). Every MWh that is covered and REC retired is verified by Green-e® Energy in the United States, EcoLogo™ in Canada, or by a variety of growing international agencies, including GoldPower®.

Furthermore, we also can procure carbon offsets (or VERs) to counterbalance emissions generated from sources other than electricity consumption. The auction process allows us to mitigate if not eliminate the cost of REC’s. The process is so powerful that we have been able to get up to 20% of REC’s for free from suppliers who throw this in to win the customers’ business. Additionally, we will run auctions for “Brown” power to see prices the market will yield and with then run separate auctions for “Green” power so we can identify what the cost is for “RECS” – if any. This is called “Price Discovery” and customer enjoy the transparency and options it provides them when procuring their energy needs.

LEED, Local Law & other Requirements

Take advantage of our advanced reporting functions to measure metrics and performance in order to complete the filing of LEED, LL84, LL89 and other state or local requirements. These certifications can create a large impact on the marketing for a business, the ability to receive certain project funding, and many other benefits.