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Who We Are

The National Leader in Auction-Based Energy Procurement

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Our Story

Welcome to Transparent Energy, your trusted energy-procurement partner. With unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation, Transparent Energy has grown steadily from a small, self-funded startup in 2009 to become the national leader in auction-based energy procurement, providing clients a superior, cost-effective way to buy renewable and traditional energy and natural gas to power their operations.

So what makes our auction-based approach to procuring energy so good? First, because we work regularly with the most extensive pool of qualified energy suppliers in the industry, we are able to attract more of them to bid on your business. Second, our online auctions stoke real-time competition, with each supplier having to bid down their price to win your business. This combination is unbeatable in energy procurement: Transparent Energy brings in more suppliers to compete for your business, then compresses their margins in a heated online battle – with every bid visible to you, the customer – to deliver you the best price.

And, yes, there is more to the magic than the auction itself (though that is an amazing part of it, and one you as a client will get to witness firsthand). At Transparent Energy, we believe that procuring energy is more than just a transaction; it’s an intricate process that demands precision and expertise. With decades of experience and a profound understanding of the energy landscape, we have reimagined energy procurement, enabling energy buyers to navigate the volatile markets with ease and confidence.

We are obsessed with process perfection. By continuously refining our process, we ensure that our clients always receive the best pricing for their electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy needs and the highest quality experience.

Our highly qualified staff tracks trends and changes in energy markets and energy policy to bring clients up-to-the-minute information that allows them to seize desirable price opportunities when they occur.

At Transparent Energy, we commit to never wavering in our pursuit of excellence. We don’t settle for the “traditional” energy procurement route, opting instead for a bold process that focuses on each client’s individual needs and goals, and delivers superior results.

Our Strategies

Speed / Efficiency

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and streamlined processes, we enable our clients to navigate the energy landscape with agility and efficiency. Our commitment to speed, efficiency, and quality helps get you into the best energy contract to meet your business goals.

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At Transparent Energy, stability is the cornerstone of our strategic approach. We prioritize building long-term, reliable partnerships with our clients by providing consistent and secure energy sol utions. Through meticulous risk management and a commitment to financial stability, we ensure that our clients can depend on Transparent Energy as a steadfast and trustworthy ally in navigating the ever-evolving – and often volatile – energy landscape. Our dedication to stability empowers businesses to confidently plan for the future, knowing that Transparent Energy is dedicated to delivering unwavering reliability and support.

Sustainable Outcomes

At Transparent Energy, our strategy is intricately woven around achieving sustainable outcomes. Committed to environmental stewardship, we leverage innovative and eco-friendly solutions to meet energy needs responsibly. Through a holistic approach, we strive to not only optimize renewable energy and energy efficiency for our clients but also contribute to a greener future. Transparent Energy is dedicated to fostering sustainable practices that deliver long-term benefits, ensuring a harmonious balance between business success and environmental responsibility.

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Innovation is the driving force behind Transparent Energy’s strategy, propelling us to the forefront of cutting-edge solutions in the energy sector. We continually invest in pioneering technologies and creative approaches to revolutionize how businesses harness and manage energy. By embracing a culture of innovation, Transparent Energy empowers clients with forward-thinking solutions, ensuring they stay ahead in a market where change is the only constant. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible underscores our dedication to delivering unparalleled value through inventive and transformative energy solutions.

Our Values


At Transparent Energy, our mission is to empower businesses and organizations with the knowledge, expertise, and tools they need to navigate the complex landscape of energy transactions and sustainability solutions so they can thrive in this dynamic environment. Our passion lies in providing unparalleled transparency, guidance, and innovation, helping our clients achieve their energy goals and drive positive transformation.


Our vision at Transparent Energy is to become the indisputable leader in transactional consultancy by redefining the standards for energy transactions and sustainability solutions through the integration of advanced technology, process, and human capital. We envision a future where our clients are at the forefront of energy transformation, guided by Transparent Energy.


Transparent Energy aims to help our customers reach their sustainability goals while operating sustainably ourselves. Our pledge includes carbon emission reduction, resource conservation, and sustainable procurement. We have committed to reducing our waste to landfill to as close to zero as possible, maximizing our use of renewable energy, reducing electricity use, and using sustainable transportation.

To uphold our sustainability commitments, we set goals and train our staff to fulfill them, incentivizing employees to meet our obligations. At the same time, we monitor our progress and remain transparent to ensure accountability and provide motivation.

We aim to work with vendors, suppliers, and partners that share our values and strive to be a valued part of the sustainability communities in which we live, work, and visit.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Transparent Energy, we are committed to fostering a workplace that celebrates diversity and inclusion. We believe that a diverse and inclusive environment not only enhances our collective strength as an organization but also fuels innovation and creativity. We pledge to uphold these values in every aspect of our operations, from recruitment and professional development to daily interactions among our team members. By embracing diversity, we strive to create a rich tapestry of perspectives that propels our company forward and enables us to better serve our clients and communities.

And Transparent Energy lives this value. As of January 2024, we foster a vibrant and inclusive workplace where over 25% of our staff represent diverse ethnicities and backgrounds, staff members openly identify as LGBTQ+, women comprise over 32% of our workforce and are represented at an equal rate in management roles.

Corporate Responsibility

At Transparent Energy, corporate social responsibility is at the heart of our business principles. We believe in making a positive impact, and this commitment drives our actions. From implementing sustainable business practices to supporting community initiatives, we are dedicated to being responsible corporate citizens.

One way Transparent Energy supports the communities in which we live, work, and do business is by selecting and supporting a different charity each quarter for which we raise funds, contribute staff volunteers, or both. This initiative is powered by our valued staff, with one employee randomly selected each quarter to choose the charity of his, her, or their choice. This is an ongoing program. Recent initiatives we are proud to have supported include: One Mission, Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA), Community Food Bank of New Jersey (CFBNJ), American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

We are also proud donors to JDRF, and Clifton Schools. And through our valued partnerships, we are honored to support the Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation, and SMA Foundation.