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Energy Procurement

Your Business Empowerment Solution

Our comprehensive energy procurement solution empowers businesses, institutions, and portfolios to navigate the complex natural gas, and electricity energy markets with confidence and sift through and select from the many, complicated offsite, and onsite renewable energy options with ease and assurance.

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With our proven, personalized approach, we’ll help your organization secure the best possible energy contracts, optimize your procurement strategy, and mitigate risk. Our energy procurement process is designed to deliver tangible results and long-term value.

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Client discovery and analysis:

Understanding Your Energy Needs and Goals

We begin our energy procurement process with all new clients by engaging in a thorough client discovery and analysis phase. Our team of experts takes the time to understand your unique energy requirements, consumption patterns, risk tolerance, sustainability goals, and budgetary goals. By gaining a deeper understanding of your business, we can tailor our procurement strategies to meet your specific needs.

RFP Advisory:

Crafting Effective Requests for Proposals for Your Specific Situation Goals

Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your energy requirements, we provide RFP (Request for Proposals) Advisory services. Our seasoned professionals assist you in developing and refining RFP documents that effectively communicate your energy needs to potential suppliers. We leverage our industry knowledge and market insights to ensure your RFPs capture competitive pricing from a large pool of qualified suppliers, and favorable contract terms.

Pre-auction review:

Optimizing Your Procurement Strategy

Before entering the competitive live-auction (or, in some cases, sealed-bid), we conduct a meticulous review. Our experts analyze market pricing and suppliers’ contract terms. We then explain the details of the analysis to you so that you know what to expect in terms of pricing, products, and terms. You’ll know how much money our process hopes to save you and which suppliers are offering the most advantageous contract terms.

Risk Management:

Protecting Your Bottom Line

Risk Management is a crucial aspect of energy procurement. We deploy specialized risk management solutions to safeguard your bottom line and provide stability in volatile markets.

Our risk management strategies include:

Hedging and Contract Structing: We assist you in developing customized hedging strategies and structuring contracts to mitigate market risks and protect against price fluctuations.

Demand Response Programs: We identify opportunities for participating in Demand Response programs, enabling you to earn incentives and reduce energy costs during peak demand periods.

Marketing Monitoring and Alerts: Our team continuously monitors energy market trends, providing you with timely alerts and insights to help you make informed decisions.

Contract Management:

Maximizing Contract Performance

Transparent Energy goes beyond securing contracts; we provide ongoing contract management and advisory services to optimize your contracts’ performance throughout its duration.

Our contract management services include:

Contract Compliance Monitoring: We ensure that suppliers adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in your energy contracts, protecting your interests and minimizing potential penalties.

Contract Renewal and Negotiation: Our experts know that the right time to start thinking about your next energy contract is earlier than most clients realize. We guide you through the renewal process, leveraging market intelligence, and alerting you when the timing is on your side.

Energy Efficiency Solutions: We collaborate with you to identify energy-saving opportunities, recommending efficiency measures that can help reduce consumption and lower costs.

Data Analysis and Reporting:

Unleashing the Power of Information

Transparent Energy harnesses the power of data analysis and reporting to provide you with actionable insights. Our data-driven approach helps you make informed decisions and optimize your energy procurement strategies.

Our data analysis and reporting services include:

Consumption Analysis: We analyze your energy consumption patterns and identify potential efficiency improvements, enabling you to optimize your energy usage.

Cost Benchmarking: Our team compares your energy costs against industry benchmarks, ensuring that you are paying competitive rates and identifying areas for potential savings.

Market Updates and Reporting: We provide regular market updates, keeping you informed about market trends, regulatory changes, and other factors that may impact your energy procurement decisions.