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A Dynamic,
Real-Time Bidding Environment

Unlock unparalleled transparency and 7-8% lower pricing than any other energy-procurement process with Transparent Energy’s cutting-edge, proprietary software. Our unique, live, reverse-auction platform revolutionizes the way you secure energy rates, ensuring you have full control and visibility throughout the process.

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The Power of
Reverse Auction

Traditional Request for Proposal (RFP) processes limit suppliers to a single bid submission. Transparent Energy’s Reverse Auction flips the script, offering a dynamic, real-time bidding environment – visible to you, the energy buyer – that empowers suppliers to compete openly for your business while you watch your price per kWh drop!

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Transparent Energy develops and markets your RFP to our extensive supplier community – the largest in the industry – ensuring maximum competition for your business (it is not unusual for Transparent Energy to at least double the number of suppliers participating in our client’s procurement events). Suppliers submit “indicative bids” based on their interest in participating. Transparent Energy uses these indicative bids to help set expectations with the customer in a “pre-auction” call. Once the customer is comfortable an auction date is set.

Auction Initiation:

On auction day, the auction(s) commence with suppliers initial online bids, which then unleashes a competitive bidding frenzy that drives down the price you pay for energy. Suppliers typically bid in a series of auctions that test different products (e.g., “fixed price,” varying percentages of renewable energy) and term lengths (12 month, 24 month, 36 month, etc.), providing our customers pricing visibility found nowhere else in the market. In as little as 15-45 minutes, a customer could be looking at dozens or hundreds of bids across various products and terms.

Visible Competition:

Suppliers can see all competing bids in real time, creating a transparent and dynamic marketplace that informs their bidding strategy.

Evaluating the Results:

After suppliers bid down their prices, the customer selects the ‘winner,’ namely the product and term that best meets its business and budgetary objectives.

Final Contracting:

Because the auction ensures that contracts are executed shortly after the bidding is complete, suppliers do not need to pad their bids with a ‘risk premium,’ meaning more savings for you.

For more information on how our online auctions work, see page 3 of our corporate PDF brochure  “Why You Should Use Energy Auctions to Buy Power.”

Save More with
Real-Time Bidding

In Transparent Energy’s online auctions, the magic happens when suppliers go head-to-head in real-time bidding. This unique approach allows them to adjust their offers on the fly, creating an environment where savings are maximized. The traditional paper bid process simply can’t match the additional savings generated through our live, reverse-auction platform.

Tailored to
Your Needs

Transparent Energy understands that every client is unique. That’s why our platform goes above and beyond to meet your unique needs. We offer the flexibility to design customer-specific auction formats that align precisely with your requirements. Whether it’s customizing terms suppliers can offer bids for or blending traditional energy with green energy procurement, our platform adapts to your unique goals.


Unprecedented Transparency:
See all competing bids in real time.

Maximized Savings:
Suppliers compete live, driving costs down to win your business.

Customize auction formats to align with your specific needs.

Streamline the procurement process from RFP development to final signed energy contract with our intuitive platform.

Energy Expertise:
Our advanced auction technology and exacting procurement process is supported every step of the way by our expert team of energy experts, ensuring you get the best from every procurement.

Take control of your energy procurement strategy and its execution with Transparent Energy’s proprietary software. Join the future of transparent, competitive, and cost-effective energy sourcing.