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Transparent Energy Transacts 3 tWh of Power in 30 Days

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Leading Auction-Based Energy Procurement Firm Drives High-Volume, Long-Term Electricity, Natural Gas, and Sustainability Deals across Sectors, Geographies

Fairfield, NJ and Chicago, IL – May 10, 2022 – In a month to remember, Transparent Energy, the national leader in auction-based energy procurement, today announced it has helped its customers procure 3 terawatt hours (tWh) of electricity – along with large-scale natural gas and sustainability deals – highlighting the strength of the company’s market intelligence, advisory services, and online-auction platform. Over the course of 45+ auctions, dozens of suppliers logged over 2,000 bids, driving down energy costs for Transparent Energy customers across the country.

During this robust transaction period (3 tWh = 3 billion kWh, or enough electricity to power more than 300,000 single-family homes for a year), Transparent Energy secured power, natural gas and/or RECs for a who’s who of industry leaders across business sectors, including one of the largest malls in the country; a major cannabis cultivator; REITs, PE firms and other large portfolio holders; a name-brand grocery chain; large-scale industrial manufacturers; and a massive data center. As a part of this effort, Transparent Energy began the process of greening one REIT’s entire portfolio of more than 350 buildings, setting it on the path to becoming carbon neutral. The Transparent Energy-run auctions were held for commercial, industrial and institutional buyers across ISOs and deregulated markets throughout the U.S., from Texas, Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio to Georgia, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

“In an extremely volatile energy market, large energy buyers value the professionalism of Transparent Energy, a company that offers a proven process, proactive market intelligence, access to every viable supplier, and a competitive bidding platform that puts the buyer in control, delivering the best price available in the market in a fully transparent manner,” said Dustin Scarpa, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Transparent Energy. “This last month has shown once again our ability to attract and serve the nation’s most sophisticated buyers with the largest energy loads and secure favorable contracts for them in a very challenging market environment, something our customers greatly value and which they view as strategic to their operations.”

Added Paul Shagawat, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Transparent Energy, and author of Procuring Energy in a Time of War and Volatility, “3 tWh of total power procured in just one month is a number that no one in our industry can ignore, but the real story here is that Transparent Energy has emerged as the U.S. energy consultant of choice for large and strategic energy buyers. Despite the highly volatile environment – perhaps even because of it – we’re continuing to grow, attracting highly desirable customers across sectors for whom energy is a major cost of doing business and senior industry talent to join our winning team. This last month has proven once again that when times are tough, industry leaders turn to Transparent Energy for a competitive advantage.”

For more information on Transparent Energy’s market leading energy advisory and procurement services, or to sign up for the company’s monthly market analysis, please contact Jonathan Le, Transparent Energy, at, or see

About Transparent Energy

Transparent Energy is the go-to resource for C&I companies and institutions for energy procurement and energy advisory services. The company’s clients include large associations and automotive, cannabis, data centers, education, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, private equity, real estate (REITS and property management), retail, and technology firms. With a proven process delivered by retail energy’s most experienced professionals and state-of-the-art online auction technology, Transparent Energy has driven hundreds of millions of dollars in operational savings for clients across North America. For more information, see


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