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Why Transparent Energy? Distinguishing Factors

Starting out with the goal of procuring inexpensive third-party energy for commercial, institutional, and governmental customers, the founders developed the necessary technology, human capital, and processes to consistently meet this goal and offer a consultative approach to energy procurement unmatched by traditional energy brokers.



Energy Procurement & Risk Management

Utilizing an industry-leading proprietary auction software, TE’s process engenders the highest levels of transparency – and therefore, competition and savings…

Data & Contract Management

Similar to our procurement processes, Transparent Energy’s management capabilities are augmented by proprietary software modules that…

our software

Unique and Proprietary Software

Transparent uses a unique proprietary software that allows multiple energy suppliers to bid in real time on an open, online auction platform. This approach ensures that you, the client, get the most transparent, analogous, and competitive rates.



Transparent has worked with a variety of commercial property professionals from building managers, to owners to property management firms. We are prepared to handle any situation pertaining to commercial real estate procurement. These may include but are not limited to: a portfolio manager who is buying or selling new properties, a retail store owner with locations in multiple utilities, a QSR manager with restaurants of different size & consumption, etc.


Transparent has provided consulting services to industrial parks, manufacturing groups and construction projects. We can negotiate agreements to meet escalating energy needs from initial construction to full occupancy. We analyze load consumption and work with Plant Managers to forecast future load increases or decreases due to additional equipment.

Local Government

Transparent has facilitated the procurement for several Municipal clients, including one-off consulting deals and major aggregations. We are experts at drafting bid documents, negotiating billing terms, and ensuring that Third Party Contract terms match Municipal laws and requirements.


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