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Energy Procurement
to Advance Your Business and Sustainability Goals

Transparent Energy’s world-class platform is designed to revolutionize the way you secure energy for your business. Our process surpasses competitors, ensuring that your energy procurement experience is truly superior.

Four Benefits of Working with Transparent Energy

Cost Effectiveness icon

Unleash competition, achieve 7-8% savings. Using our streamlined procurement process clients save time, human capital, and money. Scalable technology is effective for single buildings or portfolios. Empower your organization with our repeatable, reliable, cost-effective energy solutions.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Transparent Energy’s Reverse Auction flips the script on traditional RFP processes, offering a dynamic, real-time bidding environment – visible to you, the energy buyer – that empowers suppliers to compete openly for your business while you watch your price per kWh drop!

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Risk Management

Energy, a volatile commodity, can impact budgets and profitability. Transparent Energy aligns our process with your risk tolerance, securing the right products and terms. Our pricing desk monitors markets for timely buying opportunities, ensuring stability.

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Our expertise in energy procurement includes renewable options beyond on-site solar. Off-site solutions like RECs, carbon offsets, PPAs and VPPAs align with your sustainability goals for cost control and environmental impact.

Transparent Energy
At a Glance

  • 4,000+
    energy supply contracts executed
  • 3.5+
    Billion USD
    in energy supply spend transacted
    via online platform
  • 3,000+
    unique customers served
  • 20+
    of power procured
  • 250+
    Million sq. ft.
    of real estate managed
  • 500+
    Million Dth
    of gas procured
  • 250,000
    utility accounts
  • 7+
    REC’s procured

Transparent Energy Delivers Savings, Transparency, and Risk Mitigation Across Deregulated Energy Markets

Transparent Energy, a trusted expert in procurement and advisory, ensures clear energy budgeting, risk mitigation, and substantial savings. Serving diverse clients worldwide, including real estate, data centers, government, healthcare, and more across the USA, Canada and beyond.

Software Advantage

Harness the Power of our Live Reverse-Auction Platform

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Embrace our proprietary software for real-time bidding on an open online auction platform with multiple suppliers. Witness pre-vetted suppliers bidding for your business, ensuring transparency, competition, and the best rates.

Sustainability icon

Empowering Businesses for a Greener Future through Sustainable Energy Choices

The options for meeting your sustainability goals can be overwhelming — it’s not just putting solar panels on your roof. Making the right choice means matching your goals with the renewable energy options that meet your needs for sourcing, short-term cost controls, long-term pricing stability, and environmental impact.


Efficiency, Savings, and Consolidation: A Proven Approach for Sourcing Energy in the Digital Age

Transparent Energy has disrupted the old way of doing business, turning the tables in favor of the buyer. Using our online digital marketplace, suppliers have to reveal their prices up front, and then bid them down, stoked by an ultra-competitive online-auction environment.

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Your energy needs reflect your business and the industry in which you operate. Working with a partner who understands the differences required of industrial, commercial, and governmental applications is key to creating a solution tailored to your needs.

Industry Expertise

Leveraging Experience for your Business Needs

Risk Management icon
case study

Philadelphia Marriot: Successful Energy Procurement

The intensity of the bidding that resulted from Transparent Energy’s auction-based procurement process led to new 23- and 24-month electricity contracts, with best available price in the market.

Philadelphia Marriott hotel

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